They Killed Many Lives …But These Dictators Lived Like a King


History has its own share of “villains”. This is the type of people who have no regard for humanity. They have caused massive genocides or harm toward mankind. But unfortunately for most of the victims, there continues to be a great injustice that falls upon them as the men who take pleasure in torturing people oftentimes sit on golden thrones.

Let us take a look at history’s most notorious dictators and figures of massive corruption with the list below.

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H. H. Holmes (Net Worth: $5 Million)

This is the only historical figure on the list that did not rise in political status. H.H. Holmes is remembered by America as one of the most notorious serial killers. He infamously bought a Chicago pharmacy and turned it into an elaborate death trap for unsuspecting victims. There are numerous unresolved murders still tied to his name, even after his execution on 1896.

Apparently, Holmes has long been living a lavish lifestyle. He was a millionaire and was born to a rather affluent family. He lived his years as a privileged child, with servants answering to beck and call. But despite his wealthy upbringing, it didn’t stop him from becoming the serial killer he is known for up to this day.

Mao Zedong (Net Worth: $1 Billion)

Mao Tse-Tung was the founding father of the People’s Republic of China. His views on communism shaped hard times for China. People continue to criticize him of abusing his power. His exploits are as worse as every other dictator out there.

Zedong’s rule led to the death of 70 million Chinese men and women. Many starved after being isolated while others were subjected to supreme poverty. This was a far cry from the hope he promised his people.

Despite the poverty felt all over China, Zedong lived like a king. At birth, he was born to a wealthy farmer in the province in Shaoshan. His net worth continued to rise when he sat as chairman of the Communist Party. This caused a rift between the people and the government, some of which are still ongoing even after his death.

Saddam Hussein (Net Worth: $2 Billion)

Saddam Hussein will always be remembered as a vicious man. He tainted his name by evoking violence in Iraq for so many years. His crimes were so violent they caused tension between neighboring countries and its western counterparts.

Hussein was executed in America after being found guilty of committing multiple crimes against humanity. But before his death and his capture, he had a staggering net worth of $2 billion. It was noted—although not confirmed—that he earned money by smuggling oil in and out of Iraq.

Leopold II (Net Worth: $60 Billion)

Leopold II of Belgium was the second King of the Belgians. He extended his reign of terror from his own people to the people of Congo by exploiting their natural resources. He did this after initially planning to improve their lives. But he corrupted his own power by abusing, beating, and ultimately killing many of the locals. The estimated total deaths under his order rose up to fifteen million.

As a king, there was not much to question where he got his wealth. But when his net worth rose to $60 billion, it was enough to raise eyebrows. His money came from the suffering of the people of Congo and his own country, many of which were already living in marginalized conditions.

Nicholas II (Net Worth: $300 Billion)

The last of the Czars, Nicholas II, relished in power during his reign. The Czars were known for the lavish lifestyles, hosting outlandish parties. He loved the luxury that came with his ruling and often neglected the people who followed him. He was anti-Semitic, inheriting such trait from his father.

Nicholas II and his reign eventually came to an end, resulting in the execution of his family.

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