This Heroic Lady Pulled a Kid Off Tracks Before a Train Hits …Whoa, That was Close



A lady just saved the life of a young girl. With seconds to spare, she didn’t hesitate to help her avoid an oncoming train at a train station in Western Sydney.

Sunday afternoon, two girls were caught on camera in the suburbs of Western Sydney, playing with a thing that looks like a hula hoop. But suddenly, it rolls off the platform and went straight onto the train tracks.

In order to retrieve the toy, one of the two girls jumped off the platform. However, on her way back, she struggles to climb back.

Luckily, a woman ran to rescue her, pulling her to safety, just seconds before the train pulls into the station.

In light of the Rail Safety Week, the chiefs of the state transport agreed to release the video so that members of the riding public would be aware about the possible dangers that await those who aren’t careful with their actions.


Watch the full footage here:


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