Landlord Finds $1M Stashed Under a Bed While Cleaning Up a Recently Vacated Flat


Ma Guangdi, a landlord from Guangdong province, China, did not expect to find $961078.65 (6.33 million Chinese yuan) underneath the bed of one of the rooms in his apartment. The man discovered the money stacked in carton boxes while cleaning up the said room after one of his tenants moved out.

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After several years of renting in his apartment, the said tenant had been out of reach for several months. He stopped paying his dues, so after his contract ended, Ma Guangdi decided to clear out the flat so he could have it rented to someone else. It was when he and his friends discovered the huge amount of money.

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Mr. Ma called the police right away for the money to be counted with the help of the city’s local bank. The police decided to place the big amount in a safety bank account and it shall remain frozen until they track down the former tenant.

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