Last-Second Jump Saves Man’s Life from Being Hit by an Out-of-Control Car


Some days are just too beautiful to deal with mundane problems, for instance, almost getting killed by an out of control car on a sidewalk.

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Take this man from Russia, who had a skip in his step as he goes on along his way, wearing tracksuit and sunglasses. When a car wrongfully running on the sidewalk almost sideswept him, he miraculously avoided the vehicle and danced right out of danger.


If you look at the clip slowly, you will see that the man clearly knew he’s about to be swept by a car but, in a quick reflex, managed to be safe out there. The grim reaper won’t be too happy about that.


The man in tracksuit fakes out death by dodging left and going on his way. He doesn’t even stop to chastise the driver for the wrongful use of the sidewalk.


As for the man in the car, it seems that there’s trouble a-brewing off camera too.

Watch the video below

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