Lost Wallet Returned 71 Years Later


For those who had already lost their wallet before, you can relate to this one.

Imagine most of your valuables are lost, including cash. Okay, never mind the money inside—not that it’s unimportant—but all your identification and credit cards are there! Cancelling and replacing those are so time consuming  and a big bother.

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Returning a lost wallet to its owner seldom happens, meaning, a lost wallet is already lost.

So when Clare McIntosh received a telephone call telling him someone had his wallet, he didn’t believe it.


There’s a good reason for the 86-year-old McIntosh not to believe the caller. His wallet is currently safe inside the pocket of his pants, but the caller told him that he had McIntosh’s wallet when he was still 15 years old.


The person on the other end of the phone was the owner of the Talent Factory Theater in Iowa, Larry Sloan.

Sloan had the building renovated, which was established back in the early 1920s, and one of his workers found the wallet stuck in between old floorboards.


McIntosh’s old wallet was found during the renovation of the Talent Factory Theater.


Inside the lost wallet were a 1944 pocket calendar, pictures, war rations, a handwritten identification card bearing the name Clare McIntosh, and a phone number. It was incredible, though, that the phone number was only 8 digits!


After further investigation, Sloan, who happened to be a former detective, finally traced the whereabouts of the owner and that he’s still alive. And so McIntosh was reunited with his wallet after seven long decades.

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