See How This Lucky Tricyclist Manages to Avoid Near-Death Incident


One of the main causes of road fatalities in Hong Kong are out-of-control poultry trucks, which means that there are times people have to play a game of chicken on the streets, not that anyone would want to subject themselves to that either. One thing’s for sure: you do not want to get stuck in Hong Kong traffic.

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And then there’s a bicyclist who decided to brave the streets, and to put it mildly, he’s almost impossibly lucky for narrowly escaping death. For one, a black car almost hit him but missed by sheer chance. Then he dodged a white car—a white car that exploded airborne while in mid-spinout.

Who knows, he might have been taking his bike at Chinese car fights (Are they a thing? You couldn’t put it past China to make that a thing). If the cyclist slowed down for even a split second, he would have been in the path of the black car and be the poster child for helmet safety. He then slowed down so precisely that he managed to slip between two steel balls and escaped without a scratch.


He does all these with elegance and grace without damaging the bike (or himself) even for a bit.

Or maybe he just didn’t give two cents to what’s happening around him, because after the vehicles stopped in the middle of the street, people gathered around to see what happened. Others who witnessed the event were shell-shocked, and bystanders were marveling at the wreckage.

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Except the bicycle man.

He almost got caught in a massive wreckage but he didn’t even think that it warranted a pause. He just went on his way and didn’t even look back.

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