You Won’t Believe that This Man Has Only Eaten Pizza for 25 Years because of his Crazy Diet

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How many times in a day do you wish that you can just eat pizza at that very second? When you are munching on chips and staring at a bottle of cola, do you get that thought that you wish you had a genie and magically produce a pizza for you? Well, everyone likes pizza, so that’s completely understandable.

But have you reached that point where you just love pizza so much that it’s the only thing you want to eat your whole life? Sounds pretty scary, right? Because no matter how much you want to each pizza, there will always be some food you want to feast on. But this dude from Maryland, United States, totally is the epitome of pizza lover because for twenty-five years, he ate nothing but pizza.


Meet Dan Janssen, a thirty-nine-year-old woodworker, who basically shrugs off the chance to eat a variety of food when he promised himself that he’d go vegetarian and fell in love with pizza way too deep than you can ever imagine. He eats pizza basically every day for twenty-five years, and it’s not just a slice, but a whole 14-inch one. He only eats cheese pizza and never gets sick of it. There’s still much difference with every order even though it’s the same thing, because he says that if he goes to another shop, it would feel like it’s another meal.

Dan used to have a regular meal like a normal person, but when he was around 15 or 16, he gave it up for ethical reasons. His friends are worried with him, especially that he has diabetes, and this “horrible diet,” as people describe it, might put him in danger. But Dan said that he took the time to visit a nutritionist, but they tell him the same thing, and apparently, he just got too fed up. He said that he’s not fat, he’s thin, and he feels great every day and energized.



Dan’s love for pizza might just be influenced by some horrible experiences he had when he was young.  He has not closed his door, though, from the possibility of trying another food. But still, he won’t give up his love for pizza. When asked if he has a particular favorite pizza flavor, he said, “Well, I’d say they’re all pretty bad, but I do frequent them. Pizza is like sex—even when it’s bad, it’s good.”

That statement made me shut up and give him money for more pizza. Okay, dude, enjoy that relationship with your pizza passion.



Find out more about Dan’s twenty-five-year pizza diet with the videos below.


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