Man Ejected into the Air as Truck Suddenly Rolls Over on an Isolated Road


A shocking footage shows a man being hurled into the air while a truck rolls over for a couple of times.

The video is a dashcam footage taken in Brazil, and it shows a tragic car accident that could have resulted in unimaginable loss. But miraculously, the driver of the pick-up truck involved was uninjured even after the vehicle rolled on the street. A passenger can be seen holding on to dear life but is still thrown out of the truck into the air. The driver then rushes to the other man’s side to check if he is okay.

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Luckily, the man didn’t perish from the accident and only sustained a couple of broken bones. Although the driver had some drinks prior to the accident, he was not arrested because the alcohol level in his body was under the limit.

It is obvious that the car crash was caused by human error, but investigators still haven’t given an exact explanation as to what caused the truck to roll over.

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