Man Narrowly Escapes Death After He Fails to Notice a Speeding Train


Ever heard someone tell you, “It’s right behind you”? Well, the clip that you’re about to see takes those words to a whole new level.

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We often hear those words accompanied by suspenseful music playing in the background, but this particular trainspotter heard a different sound when it came close to him. He heard the sound of the rushing train as it was running through the tracks.

As you can see in the images, it’s clear just how close the man was being hit by train. He was clearly unaware that the massive vehicle was only inches away from him. Incredibly, the train didn’t run him over and he was standing still as the train passed by.

It was only after the train had already passed that the man realized what kind of danger he was in. He lowered his camera and slowly walked away from the tracks, and the astonished look on his face says it all.

Watch the video below

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