Man Discovered that His Wife of 8 Years Has Been Secretly Working as a “High-Class” Escort


Imagine a Perth man’s surprise when he and his friends accidentally booked his wife as a high-class escort during a business trip.

It wasn’t until 40-year-old FIFO miner Peter Anderson was eight years into a marriage when he found out that his wife has been sidelining as an escort, when he and his friends decided to solicit female escort services at a hotel in East Perth.

Mr. Anderson and his workmates, who were supposed to be flying to Port Headland, found out that their flight was cancelled, so they decided to check into a nearby hotel to stay overnight.

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Instead of checking in with his wife, however, he and his colleagues decided that calling on a “high-class escort” would be the way to go—a decision that he regretted as soon as their escort walked in.

He added, “At first when I saw her, I thought, Holy crap I’m busted, then I noticed she was quite literally dressed like a hooker.”

Anderson went on to say,  “I guess I could’ve driven the 45 minutes home, but seeing work was paying for the rooms for the night I thought I’d just get on the beers with the boys. As far as the missus was concerned, I was gone for another 14-day swing, so I figured I needn’t bother even telling her.”


Peter shared, “These sites do a great job of smudging out the identities of the girls. But looking back, I guess there’s some resemblance to the missus. But I never in a million years believed she would walk through the door.”

After a short fight, Peter and his wife of eight years decided to spend the night at the hotel together and even ordered in room service; however, he said that he’s seeking legal action against the Web site for false-advertising of their “services.”


He said that he wants a refund for the $1,600 payment he paid to the escort service for a two-hour “girlfriend experience” package as they falsely advertised their escorts.

Peter said, “I made a booking in good faith for a 28-year-old lingerie model. Now I know for a fact that she isn’t 28. I had to buy her tickets to a fucking Katie Noonan concert for her 30th, which was at least five years ago.”

He also said to have called out on her “6–8” dress size as well as any mention of her interests in cooking and the outdoors. He admitted, however, that he didn’t have any idea that wife has been working as a female hooker. He mused, “I don’t [know] why on earth she is hooking, lord knows we don’t need the money. I guess she just gets lonely when I get sent away.”

Still, after the initial shock, Peter still maintained that he was grateful she ended up in his hotel room, anyway.

“I guess I can be thankful she didn’t knock on the hotel room next door. If she’d been booked by my shift supervisor Bruce Colbran, I couldn’t live with the shame. That bloke might be a great diesel fitter, but he’s a notorious grub and a total f—ing pig with no respect for women.”

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