Man Presumed to Have ‘Frozen to Death’ During Snowstorm Comes Back to Life!


A man who was believed to be dead from freezing in the harsh winter miraculously comes back to life.

Doctors were baffled on how Justin Smith managed to survive after being exposed to a temperature of -4°F for 12 hours!

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Justin Smith was walking home after hanging out with his friends when he stumbled on the road and fell unconscious. His body was later discovered after 12 hours in a snowstorm. Justin was presumed dead since he was found with no pulse and heart not beating.

His father was devastated and called Justin’s mother to deliver the supposed sad news. Justin’s body was airlifted and transported to the nearest hospital. The medical team carried out CPR for two continuous hours in hopes to revive Justin.

Tim Hickey, one of the nurses believed that Justin was dead since it’s incredibly impossible for anyone to survive being stuck in a snowstorm for half a day. When the helicopter finally reached the hospital, a extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) was used to help support Justin’s heart and lungs as well as to keep his blood warm.

When Justin’s temperature was beginning to heat up, his heart managed to beat again. Still, the doctors were skeptic if Justin would make it through since there was no brain activity. However, after a few days, his brain was able to recover. Justin woke up and became conscious after a few weeks in the recovery room.

Although Justin managed to live, he still had some medical complications. His kidney and lungs were dysfunctional because of the extreme cold. Aside from the damage of some of his internal organs, a few of Justin’s finger and toes had to be severed because of frostbite complications.

After almost a year, Justin has fully recovered and is doing quite well. He even went back to school at Penn State to complete his psychology degree. New methods in treating hypothermia patients can be derived from Justin’s amazing recovery.

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