British Man Finds Out He Has a Fully Functioning Womb—and Can Even Get Pregnant


A man from the northwest England county Lancashire was shocked when he found out he has a womb due to a rare medical anomaly.

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It all started when the the 37-year-old British man started to notice that his urine had traces of blood on it. Doctors suspected that it was probably bladder cancer, so they proceeded to conduct a test to confirm it. But it turned out the test was negative, so an MRI was given.


The MRI scan uncovered the underlying problem—the man has a fully functioning set of female reproductive organs. This unusual medical condition is called persistent Müllerian duct syndrome (PMDS). PMDS causes a man to have a functioning penis while also having an internal female reproductive system.

It explained the presence of blood in his urine. He was actually having his period that time. Aside from the periods, he can also experience premenstrual tension (PMT) and can even get pregnant!


Doctors advised him to have the internal reproductive organs taken out to avoid unsuspected complications.

dna molecule in test tube

A DNA test will determine if the man is more on the male or female gender. But whatever the results may be, the man has made his decision that he will continue living as a red-blooded male.

The man was surprised to know that there are others who have the same condition. In Britain alone, 120 babies are born with PMDS.

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