Man Is Swallowed by Escalator

CCTV Footage Captures Horrifying Moment Man Is Swallowed by Escalator


A Turkish man learned to read and follow signs—no matter how strong the need to do otherwise is—in an experience that almost cost him his life.

Shocking Video Shows Moment Man Is Swallowed by Escalator

A Turkish man is almost eaten alive by a faulty escalator after he steps on it even when there is a sign put up prohibiting people from using doing so.

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Turkish Man Swallowed by Escalator

In a two-minute clip that shocked the Internet last week, a commuter, who was later identified as Mehmet Ali Erik, is seen taking the escalator during what is believed to be a rush hour.

In a shocking turn of events, as the man steps onto the metal stairs, a huge hole suddenly appears under his feet, eventually swallowing him, with people who took the same escalator before him and some on the other side freezing in terror.

The incident reportedly took place at the Ayazaga, a rapid transit station in Istanbul, Turkey. A lot of other commuters used the escalator before Mehmet Ali Erik did, but it was when he stepped on it that the machine just gave up. In the video, he can be seen holding on the railing, trying to save himself, but he loses grip a few seconds later and vanishes into the big hole. The metal stairs then close before terrified onlookers.

According to several reports, Erik was trapped below the escalator for an hour before firefighters arrived and got him out. The incident caused him minor injuries, and Erik was rushed to the hospital.

It was later revealed that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality actually put up a sign telling people not to use the escalator, as it was broken and up for repair, but it was not enough to stop people from stepping onto it.

Well now, with what happened, maybe that’s enough cautionary tale.

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