Man Plays a Beatles Song on His Guitar—During His Own Brain Surgery


Usually, people are put to sleep during surgery, but in rare cases, some are made to stay awake in what is medically called anesthesia awareness or being conscious during surgery. Thirty-three-year-old Anthony Kulkamp is one of the 1 percent of patients who experienced anesthesia awareness. But what makes him headline-worthy among the rest is what he did while the doctors operated on him—he played the guitar.

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Kulkamp found out that he had a brain tumor just 15 days after his son was born. Before he lay on the operating table, the doctors told him he had to stay awake during the surgery to avoid hitting parts of the brain responsible for speech, movement, and control senses. So while the surgeons were busy working on his head, Kulkamp also made himself busy by playing The Beatles’ song “Yesterday” with his guitar.

According to Dr. Jean Abreu Machado, clinical director, in order to prevent injuries that will affect motor, speech, and sensory senses, cerebral monitoring had to be done during the procedure. By keeping the patient awake, surgeons would be able to map these areas of the brain and monitor it in real time.

The doctors enjoyed Kulkamp’s production number so much that they even asked him for an encore. True enough, if you’re one who has real talent, not even a few blades on your head would stop you from showing it off.

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