Man Stabs Ex-Girlfriend and Guy He Found Her in Bed With to Death Before Taking His Own Life


Twenty-four-year-old man allegedly committed murder-suicide after finding his ex-girlfriend with another man in her house. The victims were identified as Kelsey Annese, 21, Matthew Hutchinson, 24, and the killer Colin Kingston, 24, who called his father to confess the murders before taking his own life.

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The police discovered the bodies after they received the call from the distressed father of the murderer. Kingston’s father told the cops that his son confessed to murdering the couple.

Reports have it that Kingston went through the back door of the house and saw the couple asleep in the bed. They were then stabbed to death by Kingston. The grizzly murder happened in Annese’s house near State University of New York Geneseo campus in Livingston County.


Kingston dated Annese around three years and didn’t take the break up lightly. He even confessed of reoccurring suicidal thoughts after being dumped.


The weapon used was a huge knife, which Kingston bought from a store near Annese’s house. Police are still doing investigations and retracing the events that occurred before the killings.


Annese was given the position as a team captain as an honor for her final season with the basketball team. Her teammate and friend Kara Houppert, said “She was an extremely hard-working, dedicated and a sweet girl that could put a smile on anyone’s face.” Annese’s Jersey number was 31, the same number that was used by her father when he played for Geneseo.

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Hutchinson had been a volunteer firefighter for three-plus years at the Geneseo Fire Department, even though he had a tight schedule since he was also a student athlete. He planned to become a professional firefighter.


The opening of Geneseo’s spring semester turned out to be a tragic start with the deaths of Hutchinson, Annese, and Kingston. The school’s games were postponed, and counselors were dispatched to aid both students and faculty.

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Denise Battles, SUNY-Geneseo’s president said, “We have experienced a terrible tragedy in Geneseo today involving members of our community.” The university is still reaching out to students who are deeply afflicted by the tragic event.

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