Man Survives Septic Shock After His Wife ‘Nagged Him Back to Life’


This man narrowly escaped death through an unlikely reason: his wife nagged him back to life.

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Married couple Will and Gill Osgerby of Sunk Island, East Riding, were on the brink of losing each other after Will was diagnosed with a septic shock from a tiny cut. The infection left him with multiple organ failures, and his wife had to watch him slowly slip away.

The doctors informed Gill that there was nothing left to do, but what happened next was amazing. When she demanded her husband to fight for his life for the sake of their children, 4-year-old Henry and twenty-month-old Fraser, Will somehow made it back.

It didn’t come easy though, as Gill kept talking to Will for six days until he woke up to his second chance in this world.


According to Gill, doctors continued to tell her that there was only little chance of his survival. But this woman wasn’t one to give up. She said, ” They had him on the highest strength drugs they had available and we just had to stay near him. At one point I gave him a proper talking to, telling him he had to be strong and had to pull through for me and the kids.”

“I told him, ‘Come on, Will, be strong! You need to think of the boys, you have to keep their picture in your head. You have to bite your teeth and get through’.

“Over the time he was in the ICU, either myself, his mother or his sister were at his side 24 hours a day. I kept talking to him all the way through.”


Will credits his wife’s actions for saving his life, even if she had done it unknowingly. “She did give me a good nagging, and I don’t think I would be here today if it wasn’t for her. While I was in a coma I was very much aware of what my family were saying to me.”


The ordeal of the couple, who operate a farming business, started when Will complained of pain one morning after he had just been out planting trees. At first they were quick to brush it off, until he had to be rushed to the hospital when the pain was too much to take.


“I heard crashing and banging coming from our room when I was putting our sons down to bed. When I was reading Henry, four, a bedtime story, Will came in looking like a zombie. When we got to A&E, I stood outside for hours waiting for the doctors to stabilize Will, which they told me was difficult because of the multiple organ failure,” Gill recalls in an interview with the Daily Mail.


The nurses informed her of the situation. Will needed to be placed in the ICU while the doctors had to monitor him constantly. Gill, even after being advised to rest, stayed by her husband’s side and asked him to come back.


Under the watchful eye of doctors, he was in the ICU and placed on a ventilator and four different life support machines to help keep him alive. Among the complications Will experienced were high blood pressure, low heart rate, and kidney failure.


Will wasn’t out of the woods when he woke up. There were still several challenges he needed to get through after the amount of stress overtook his body. Will needed the next two weeks after his initial attack to be weaned off of his ventilator after his body forgot how to breathe because of muscle deterioration.


Will feels lucky to be alive, and he feels blessed enough to have a supportive wife like Gill to be by his side through it all.

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