He Took LSD 30 Years Ago…What Happened Next Shocked Medical Professionals


Man experiments with lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and experiences hallucinations for thirty straight years!

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A Canadian hospital received a troubled patient who has been suffering hallucinations for 30 years. The man revealed that he once tried out LSD when he was 21.

Hallucinations, or popularly known as trips, from LSD or other psychoactive drugs vary from person to person. This means each person has his own unique psychedelic experiences. For example, this man who walked into the Canadian hospital is experiencing visions of faces whenever he looks at trees.

Normally, the visions and/or sounds go away on their own, but in this man’s case, it has been going on for three decades. Diagnosis revealed that he’s suffering from hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD). HPPD is a disorder in which a person experiences a continuous neurological disturbance after taking hallucinogenic substances.

What makes HPPD scary is that it can be triggered after just one or two sessions of using recreational psychoactive drugs like LSD, “magic” mushrooms, and MDMA.

Henry Abraham has been studying HPPD for many years, and here’s what he say to say about the nasty syndrome

“These people get visual information like everyone else, but they can’t shut off the noise. Ordinarily, our visual system filters all of this stuff out, but theirs has a problem with dis-inhibition—and it makes them miserable. If you don’t allow yourself to be distracted by it, you can do okay. Those who have gotten well say the single best thing is not to focus on it.”


For some people, being high permanently is an amazing feat; but for others, it’s just a never-ending nightmare.

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