German Commits Suicide by Drowning Himself Using Wife’s Head Enclosed in Concrete Block


In Frankfurt, Germany, police have discovered a body of a man in Lake Traunsee, Austria. Tied to him was a concrete block with a severed head encased within. The body was found on the heels of what authorities presumed to be an act of murder-suicide.

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A local resident found one suitcase on the shores of the said lake. He notified the authorities after discovering a horrible sight: chopped-up remains. The police were quick to jump into action and said that the couple were in their seventies, but their identities were yet to be disclosed.

A second suitcase found by the police had more of the woman’s parts inside but with her head still missing. The search came to a close when they discovered the man’s body along with the missing head at the bottom of the lake.


The couple are reportedly locals of Frankfurt. While the woman showed evidence of strangulation, the man seemed to have no signs of struggle. This led to the deduction that the crime was an act of murder leading to suicide, but a clear motive was yet to be announced.

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The woman was believed to have been dead around the holiday season, between the 25th of December and first of January. As to when the man drowned himself, nothing was confirmed.


State prosecutor of a nearby town Wels, Birgit Ahamer, said to a news conference, “This makes us primarily think of an ‘extended suicide’”. It was also confirmed with forensic examinations that the cause of death was drowning for the man, while the woman had indeed been strangled to death.

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