Man Wins $290 Million in Lottery, Brother Wins $7

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These two siblings are so lucky, both winning the lottery with a total of $291,400,007. Only that the older one won $291,000,400, while the younger brother’s winning was only $7.

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On March 4, 2016,  it was announced that Pennsylvania judge James Stocklas hit the $291 million Powerball jackpot, while his brother Bob won $7.

James and his brother were vacationing with family and friends when they bought their winning tickets.


James was having his breakfast at a restaurant, where he is regular customer, when he checked his phone for the lottery numbers. When he found out he won a massive $291 million, he happily paid for the bill of the entire restaurant.

Feeling ecstatic, he shared to a local newspaper in Pennsylvania, “I was yelling and I bought everyone in the diner breakfast. When I found out, I was shaking for an hour straight.”


No details were given on how the other Stocklas brother Bob learned about his $7 winning. But the Florida Lottery  didn’t forget about him. James wasn’t the only one who received an oversized cheque, but Bob as well, who gamely posed with his brother.


James and Bob bought their wining tickets in this petrol station in Florida.

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