Medical Interns Saved a Dying Man with Only a Pen and Newspaper!


With no medical equipment available, two medical interns saved a man from dying with the use of only a pen and newspaper.

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Dr. Savitri Devi and Dr. Faizah Anjum were resting in the bus after a trip in Anantagiri Hills, India, when they were notified of a vehicle accident near the vicinity. The two medical interns were the only ones available since the other doctors were at a restaurant after the bus made a pit stop.

Dr. Devi and Dr. Anjum arrived at the scene and assessed the victim’s status. The 30-year-old male was in a grave physical condition and needed to be treated immediately.

Since they were on a trek, the doctors didn’t have any medical kit. They relied on their wits and medical knowledge. The only things they found for a quick CPR were a pen and newspaper.  They placed the pen into the man’s tongue to prevent it from blocking the airway while the newspaper was used to blow air to the lungs.


It took 25 minutes of CPR as well as chest compressions to resuscitate the man. The ambulance arrived, and the patient was rushed to Osmania General Hospital.

Police reports say that the highway accident happened when the man was hit by an RTC bus and was tossed to the divider.

When asked by reporters on what’s the feeling of having saved a life, Dr. Devi said, “It gives a sense of satisfaction and purpose.”

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