Missing Australian Man Found Living Rough in West Midlands After 16 Years


For 16 long years, the Douglas family have been looking for their son Jason Ronald Douglas. When they were so close to completely losing hope that he’d be back, the Australian man was found in the West Midlands—rugged and homeless.

It is believed that Jason has been living rough for over a decade already, with no one to ask help from.

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When he moved to the United Kingdom, Jason was living with his uncle Timothy Elwin Andrews, but when the man died of heart attack in 1999, he was left alone as the rest of his family remained in Australia.

Jaosn did see his family at his uncle’s funeral, but he chose to stay in the UK after it, saying he would make it as he had friends he could live with. But since 2000, his family has never heard from him again, believing that the young man was just badly affected by his uncle’s death.

As they were in Australia, the Douglas family couldn’t file a missing person report in UK, so they asked for assistance from the Australian police, but even this didn’t yield a positive result.

They contacted the British police and later found out that Jason was in jail for theft. The officers then allowed Jason to speak with his family.



His sister Sally shared that Jason had a very hard life that he turned to shoplifting and panhandling to feed himself. Because it’s been a long time since they heard each other’s voice, the siblings also ended up recalling their childhood memories during their family reunion via phone.

Sally expressed her gratitude toward the UK police for helping them and said that they’re currently raising funds to pay for Jason’s accommodations and fly him back to Australia.

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