Mother Loses Arm

Mother Loses Arm in Horrific Shark Attack in the Bahamas


A North Carolina mother of three recently lost her arm in a shark attack while on vacation with her husband in the Bahamas. But despite her horrific ordeal and lifelong trauma that the incident might have caused, she remains grateful to be alive.

Mother Loses Arm While Swimming in the Bahamas

Thirty-two-year-old Tiffany Johnson was looking forward to her vacation in the Bahamas. She and her husband, James, had planned to go snorkeling in the tropical island, which is famous for its diverse aquatic life.

Tiffany was underwater while James stayed on a nearby boat when the attack happened. At first, it seemed like something had bumped into her. But as Tiffany turned her head, she was shocked to see that she’s come face to face with a shark. The North Carolina native’s shock turned into fear when the water turned murky red, it was then that Tiffany realized that the shark’s teeth were clamped onto her limb and biting off her arm.

“It didn’t hurt. It just honestly felt like I had bumped into something,” she told TODAY. “I just kind of turned casually to see what I bumped into and when I turned I was face-to-face with a shark.”

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Shark Attack

The shark had Tiffany’s whole arm in his mouth and refused to let go. Her husband quickly jumped into the waters after hearing her scream. But as soon as he arrived at the horrifying scene, he couldn’t pull Tiffany back to safety since the shark was holding on too tight. It wasn’t until the lower part of her was torn off that Tiffany finally broke free. Somehow, the mother of three remained calm throughout the trip back.

“I closed my eyes and I just began to pray hardcore prayers,” she said.

There was no indication as to what type of shark attacked Tiffany. The Bahamas holds a variety of shark species, including the bull sharks, tiger sharks, nurse sharks, and Caribbean reef sharks. It should be noted that these animals do not attack humans randomly, and there are only less than ten shark attacks recorded in the Bahamas per year.

Though the incident is still fresh in her memory, Tiffany remains hopeful for the future and takes everything one day at a time. This mother loses arm but not the will to live. In fact, she wants to set an example for survivors to keep going in their lives no matter what.

Tiffany’s GoFundMe page has raised $27,000 to help cover her medical expenses.

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