Motorcyclist Crashes Between 2 Trucks Miraculously Misses the Deadly Tires – Video


A dashcam captured a horrifying highway accident in South Korea. Apparently, this motorist didn’t have any idea if it was just an act of good luck working or angels looking after him that saved his life.

The video was uploaded on YouTube to show how close the motorcycle driver had been brushing with death.

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The bike driving in front of the camera seem to have made a critical mistake by cutting through his fellow motorist and making his way between two massive trucks.

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Needless to say, the man is thrown off his bike and headed to what could have been a brutal end to his life. But as fate would have it, he rolled away from the trucks. The man escaped death by a hairline difference. He ricocheted after hitting the first wheel, saving him from getting hit by the back of the truck.

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By the end of the video, the man is seen limping off to the sidewalk. He appears to be shaken by the incident, but what’s important is that he’s lucky enough to be a live.

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