Musician Stages an Amazing Violin Performance During Her Own Brain Surgery


While most patients sleep during surgeries, this woman was wide awake and even did an amazing performance while she was lying on the operation table.

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Naomi Elishuv gave her surgeons a private concert as they operated on her brain. Before she was diagnosed with essential tremor, Elishuv performed professionally with the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra. Essential tremor is a neurological condition that can affect muscles throughout the body. For a professional violinist like Elishuv, that meant the end of her career in the orchestra.




The surgeons inserted a pacemaker into the affected area of Elishuv’s brain to regulate her tremors. Elishuv was asked to play during the operation because the doctors needed to keep her brain active in real-time to implant the pacemaker.

Thanks to her life-changing operation, she has been able to play the violin again. The doctors were able to activate the stimulation in the exact location and the tremor disappeared.




Elishuv was diagnosed 20 years ago, and she said it’s a shame that she didn’t hear about that kind of operation before.

Watch the video to see the difference in her skills before and after the surgery.

Watch the video below

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