North Korea Exposed in these 72 Photos


While South Korea is known for its growing economy and innovative technological products and the rest of the world dancing to their catchy music with all those pretty girl and boy groups, plus those tear-jerking soap operas, its “significant other,” North Korea, has a long history of all guns and goons. Since the Soviets claimed rights over the North Korea after the Japanese surrendered the Korean Peninsula in 1945, this country has gone from being a captive to a captivator.

There are many shocking facts about North Korea that we don’t even want to hear about. One thing is, half of the North Koreans live in extreme poverty, making it hard for them to even meet the basic needs of a human being. Some people have gone as far as pulling grasses to feed themselves. And no matter how bad these people want to reform their government, they can’t, because while this country says they respect their subjects’ freedom of expression, one would fear to even voice out his opinion. For one, elections in North Korea are held only every five years.

If you get the chance to enter their territory, it’s a doubt if you’ll even consider it a privilege or honor. There are little to no foreigners in this country, that’s why if a white guy is seen walking on the street, people stare at him like they just saw an alien. It’s so hard to know what life there is like, but we have collected some photos that depict the everyday life in this communist-like country. Take a look.

North Korea#20

This man frequents the park to gather a bag of grasses for food. Many countries have extended aid to help the government solve the poverty in North Korea, but this year, reports claim that the country is still struggling.


North Korea#39

NoKor’s leader, Kim Jong-un, admitted that his subjects “never enjoyed an abundant life” and that he “cannot sleep” from worrying all night about his people.

People throw both suspicious and delighted look at the sight of a Westerner. Foreigners are often even banned from taking pictures in the country.

Pictured at the back of this lady is the Ryugyong Hotel, also dubbed as the Hotel of Doom, which has undergone years and years of construction. It is also described as the worst building in the world because of the poor-quality materials used for it.

North Korea#22

Child labor is also rampant in North Korea. A big percentage of their farmers are children.


North Korea#21

During holidays, a long line of people wait for their turn as in these days, they are mandated to pay homage to the great leader at various monuments.

North Korea#23

North Korea#24



North Korea#26 Pyongyang-from-above

This Pyongyang, the country’s capital. While the city is known for its subway system, only a few North Koreans can see it for themselves. According to reports, only the elite are allowed to build residence in the city.

North Korea#27 Pyongyang-from-above

North Korea#25

North Korea#28

North Korea remains to be the world’s most militarized society, with more than nine million people in the reserve.

North Korea#29

Even purchasing good is only exclusive for the elites. The two supernarkets in North Korea are opened for those who can pay in euros and dollars.

North Korea#30

North Korea#31

North Korea#32

Even the electricity is a rare commodity in the country. In the picture above, workers have to deal with a power outage in the middle of a hot afternoon.

มีเยอะ อย่าเบื่อกันน้า

The country is guarded by electric fences to separate it from the South, but even in areas away from the boundary, electric fences are made to prevent the people from leaving the country.

North Korea#33



North Korea#34

North Korea#35

North Korea#36


North Korea#38

North Korea#40

North Korea#41

North Korea#42

North Korea#43

North Korea#44

North Korea has a unique way of telling drivers what they have to watch out for. Pictured above are characters holding signs so people in vehicles will have a safe drive.

North Korea#49

North Korea#50

North Korea#52

North Korea#54



North Korea#55

While North Korea is not the ideal place to spend a whole life in, it might just be right for a short summer vacation. There are still things to enjoy in NoKor that will make you forget the frightening reality behind its name.

Snake alcohol
Pyongyang Marathon

A pint from a British brewery

Mount Chilbo
Underground art museum
Summer camp for kids

When even taking photos is highly restricted in the country, says photographer Eric Lafforgue who was banned from the country after taking photos of the horrible life people suffer from in North Korea, how much more spending a lifetime within the corners of a country that prevents you from seeking a better life. Caged inside are children, women, and teenagers who could have been successful businessmen. But what right do we have to judge a country? We just have to be thankful that we were born in another place and we do not have to pull grasses to feed out hungry stomach.



It’s time to know more about this hermit kingdom by watching the videos below.



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