Video Shows Officers Tasing Arsonist Trying to Burn His own House


Brandon Morgan, 36, was found by police officers as he was trying to burn his own house down. He was using a blowtorch to start the fire, and he was also carrying a machete in one hand.

According to The Independent, Morgan resisted the police officers, which left them with no choice but to tase him. Furthermore, evidence of self-harm were found when they discovered severe cuts on his wrists.

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Officer Ian Adams reported to Fox News that the three officers encountered a very chaotic situation. The house was on fire, and they had to forcefully stop Morgan.

Thanks to the efforts of the brave police officers, two family members were able to get out of the house before the fire got bigger. Unfortunately, a total of four pets died in the fire, a cat and three dogs.

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Morgan is currently being detained at Salt Lake County Jail and is now facing charges of aggravated cruelty to animals, domestic violence, aggravated arson, and aggravated assault.


Doug Diamond, West Jordan Police Chief, commended the actions of the officers. Despite being in a very chaotic situation, the officers were able to finish a truly tough job.

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