Teen Boy Suffers Stroke

Son Found to Be a Teen Stroke Victim After Mom Notices a Change in His Voice


This teen slept over at friend’s house, but when he called his parents the next day, they found his voice very strange. Little did they know, it was a sign of something they never expected—that their son would become a teen stroke victim at a very young age of 17.

Mom Notices a Change in Son’s Voice After the Teen Sleeps Over at Friend’s House

It was July 2008 when things started to take a turn for the worse. One night, Bonnie Dietz’s son Cody decided to sleep over at a friend’s house. But the morning after that, while both parents were at work, the teen’s friends started noticing something strange in their son.

When Cody’s friends couldn’t wake him up, they thought it was just because they had been partying all night and the poor boy was just sleeping off all the after-party feels. No one knew it was a tell-tale of the heartbreaking reality that their son would become a teen stroke victim.

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Teen Stroke Victim

Cody Found to Be a Teen Stroke Victim

When Bonnie talked to Cody on the phone, she couldn’t comprehend what her son was saying, all she could hear were garbling sounds. The father of Cody’s friend then called 911.

After a series of tests, it was found out that Cody suffered a large left-brain stroke, which left many in shock as this typically happens only to older people. At only 17, Cody became a teen stroke victim.

Before Cody was found to be a teen stroke victim, everyone recalled that there were times when they noticed some unusual behavior in Cody. But these symptoms all went away, and no one ever thought it would lead to something as tragic.

Still in shock over what happened, Bonnie shared a piece of advice to all parents, reminding everyone to be very mindful and observant of the behavior their kids are displaying. Talking to 1011 News, she said, “My advice to parents is don’t ignore any signs your kid may have.”

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