Mexican Police Films the Capture of World’s Most Wanted Drug Lord, El Chapo, Using a GoPro


Mexican soldier films the arrest of Joachim “El Chapo” Guzman in his hideout using a GoPro.

The police received a tip off from an unknown source and began their assault on El Chapo’s lair. El Chapo has been on the run from Mexican authorities for 6 months.

Cisne Negro or Operation Black Swan was composed of 17 Mexican officers who were all armed with high-caliber fire power like assault rifles and grenades. There was heavy resistance as the Mexican authorities broke into the compound El Chapo was hiding.

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The video was released in a television station after the Mexican government edited the bloody and graphic parts of the film. It has been reported that five of El Chapo’s henchmen were eliminated while six have been captured.

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