Police in Search for Teen Who Confessed on Facebook to Stabbing Ex-Boyfriend to Death


A young woman is now sought by the police after she confessed through a Facebook post that she murdered her boyfriend.

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Eighteen-year-old Nakasia James is currently the prime suspect for the death of her 21-year-old ex boyfriend Dorian Powell, whose body was discovered in an apartment on January 11, 2016.

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Now police are in a manhunt for James, who said in her Facebook status:

“Just goin tell ya nw be4 I get caught, last night my ex was drunk off ej && was fightn me, hit mee in the face and we was really fightn and I gt the knife and and stabbed him ddnt think I would hurt him BT he died and I’m on the run pigs lookn for me BT God knows I didn’t mean to stabb him I was mad AF he socked me in my eyes and just picked sumthin up. BTsorry lord hopefully u forgive me! And sorry Dorian Powell rip.”


The dispute started with an argument, which later became violent. James defended herself by claiming that her actions were out of self-defense.


Here’s a screenshot of the now-deleted confession:


San Bernardino police rushed to the scene after a 911 call informed them of a man being stabbed in 2000 block of North Central Avenue. In a statement given by the law enforcement team, they said, “Nakasia is aware that she is being sought in connection with this homicide. At this time it does appear to be related to a domestic disturbance inside the apartment.”


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