Potterhead Decodes an Inspiring Fact from a Harry Potter Scene


Have you ever had that moment during your movie time where you just stare at the screen, trying to figure out what in the world is happening with the characters? You were keenly watching the movie, but there is just that one scene where nothing makes sense.

We all had that, and if you are a Potterhead, you must have had this same moment when you were watching one of the Harry Potter movies.

There is this scene in Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2 where Harry, Ron, and Hermione spent a few minutes running, and hiding and nothing else. Well, for most of us, that must just be a perfect way to waste some time in the movie. But Tumblr user Ravenclaw-ENFP begs to disagree. He saw something buried deep within that scene that all otterheads must have missed but would be dumbstruck to know.

Ravenclaw saw it as pointless the first time he watched it too, but after replaying the scene, he ‘realized’ something. He shared it on his Tumblr blog, and the post is now gaining almost a hundred thousand notes (likes and reblogs).

While most Potterheads think it was nothing but running and hiding, Ravenclaw said it was definitely something more. Harry, Ron, and Hermione fought against an ugly giant,

then a load of spiders,

then a werewolf,

and the last one were dementors.

If you still can’t see something significant, Raveclaw says to take it again. First, a giant creature trying to kill them, and they hide behind a pipe.





The connotation behind? Ravenclaw says, “This scene is a piece of art, and it is so goddamn important because this is what they have already battled and now they do it again in a second with a small spell and it shows how much they have been through and how much they have grown up.”

“Every obstacle that they come across mirrors something that they have beaten in their previous adventures.”

The One Thing You Probably Didn’t Notice In "Harry Potter"
The One Thing You Probably Didn’t Notice In "Harry Potter"


The two-minute scene depicts the fact that the three characters in the movie have been through so much, fought enemies together, and have grown together as one. While that part seemed to be just normal and boring, it hides a fact that not only Potterheads would fully understand but normal people too.

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