Twin Prostitutes Who Slept with Over 350,000 Men Tell Their Story


Louise and Martine Fokkens are probably the best people to ask tips from about men. With their over 50 years of experience, these 72-year-old retired prostitutes knew exactly the secrets to keeping men satisfied.

The twin from Amsterdam already retired in 2013, and they remain firm in their belief that prostitutes are needed in the society today, that’s why they should be respected. After all, it’s not anything unconventional.

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All men have an innate need to have sex, and it makes the Fokkens twins mad when people couldn’t even respect that they just fulfill that specific need. They had already slept with roughly 355,000 men within the span of their 50-year careers.

At age 20, they both turned to prostitution after getting caught in abusive relationships with their past lovers. At the time, the two were also already popular for their blending red attires.


When the twins’ story was featured on Darren McMullen‘s show, they gave the viewers a tour around the red-light district.


Louise suggested that in order to make a man happy in bed, a woman should know and give what he wants.


Since the twins were not able to have their pension like most elders do, they have to keep themselves busy by selling books at  their pop-up shop to make ends meet. Ever since they became very popular, everyone in the business recognizes them; and even now that they have retired, they still get to meet some of their past clients and take time to have a cup of coffee with some of them.


The sister’s old age was not a hindrance for them to remain flirtatious in their own way. Well, for these two, being easy-going is necessary if a woman really wants to get a man.


“Every man wants something different and that’s the real game—finding out what they want,” Louise said. As to married men who sleep with them, they just wanted to be free. The Fokkens twins have mastered the art of nonverbal communication; it was their means to complete their job flawlessly.

“If you really want to meet a man and keep him, you need to be yourself. Always be yourself. This is what we learned when we were little and it’s true. But also you must have respect for other people and listen to other people,” she continued.


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