Gold Bars

Russian Plane Drops Gold Bars over Siberia


Sometimes, work tires us out that we wish money just fell from the sky and we could get on with our lives just fine without a nine-to-five job. But of course, that’s something that only works in fantasy movies.

Or maybe not.

Just this year, tons of gold bars were falling from the sky—literally. But what brought it about is not your typical story.

Russian Plane Drops Gold Bars over Siberia

On March 15, 2018, for a few minutes people will never forget, tons of gold bars were literally dropping from Siberian sky. But it was not the work of a supernatural being, it was from a Russian cargo plane that was carrying a gold, platinum, and diamonds on behalf of the mining company Chukota Mining and Geological.

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Russian Plane Drops Gold Bars

The plane, which was en route to the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk, had just taken off from Yakutsk airport when it encountered problems, with the wind causing the plane’s cargo hatch to tear open, consequently dropping the almost ten tons of gold and other metals it was transporting. Reports have it that the value of the load is at $386 million.

While most of the treasures fell all over the runway, the plane had to travel 10 square miles farther for an emergency landing at a nearby airport. The trip to the neighboring airport had them dropping more gold bars along the way. So far, authorities have successfully recovered 172 gold bars, but more work is needed to recover those that fell outside the airport premises.

Investigations are ongoing, as Russian transportation officials say the blame might lie with the maintenance crew for failing to properly secure the plane’s cargo before the aircraft took off. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the incident, and more than anything else, more than the number of gold bars still out there lying untouched (hopefully), that’s what matters.

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