Sea Creatures Rain over Chinese City

Ferocious Storm Causes Sea Creatures to Rain over Chinese City

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Earlier this month, a city in China experienced a storm so strong, it rained octopus and starfish—literally.

Sea Creatures Rain over Chinese City After Huge Storm

You often hear about a rain of cats and dogs. It may not be real, but it’s probably the best expression people can think of to describe a heavy rain. But have you heard someone say that it’s raining octopus and starfish? Probably never. People think the possibility of it happening is lesser than the possibility of seeing a pink cockroach. But news flash, just last week, on what was believed to be just another stormy day, that is exactly what the city of Qingdao in China witnessed.

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Seafood Rains Down on Cars

The day was June 13, and the city of Qingdao woke up to a ferocious storm that brought down trees and flooded streets. But being a seaside metropolis, it was nothing new for the people there. What left them in shock is when sea creatures rain over Chinese city. Seafood was all over the city as if it were a scene in a Roland Emmerich disaster film.

On the Chinese microblogging website Weibo, people stuck in traffic because of the weather began sharing photos of sea creatures that ended up on their car’s windshield. From octopus to starfish and even prawns, people spotted a vast array of creatures from the ocean kingdom carried over to land by the wind and onto their cars.

The city’s meteorogical department confirmed the bizarre phenomenon. It is believed that a watersprout occured, causing the sea animals to be sucked from the sea and the strong winds transported them to the shore and all the way to the city.

Tree Falls Down

While it is indeed uncommon for marine creatures to be blown a hundred miles away from the sea and into the land, it is not really impossible. In fact, what happened in Qingdao isn’t a first. Last year, the Mexican town of Tampico witnessed several fish fall from the sky. The same scene was reported in Kerala, India, ten years ago.

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