See How Off-Duty Officer Stops a Stalker on a Subway Train


Last January 2014, a shocking incident took place in a subway train in Far Rockaway, and it was caught on camera. It involved a man pointing his gun at another man and forcing him to the ground. However, he did that for a good reason—to help a woman in danger.

The man holding the gun was apparently trying to end the agony of a woman passenger by stopping an attacker and making sure he stayed there on the floor of the train’s cabin until the police arrived.

According to witnesses, the man terrorized the woman, following her from one cabin to another throughout her trip from Rockaway Park to the Broad Channel station. Because she was too frightened, the woman told a guy that a stranger kept chasing her.

Luckily, the guy she talked to was a New York State Probation Officer. In an effort to help the woman, he immediately threw a punch at the man, used his 9 mm pistol to get the suspect to the ground, and waited for the cops to arrive.

NYPD officers immediately rushed to the scene. They asked the hero off-duty officer to drop his gun, and he did. Because of him, the suspect was identified and was taken into custody. Reports say that the culprit, 33-year-old Jermaine Jordan, several prior arrests.



Watch the video below.



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