Shocking: Mom Receives Reply From Late Son’s Phone Number …WOW!


Taylor Thyfault wanted to achieve a lot of things in his life, so he wrote down all of them on a list he called My Future. He wrote that he wanted to save the lives of others. He wanted to get a job. He wanted to join the army. He also wanted to get married and start a family.

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Unfortunately, his life was tragically cut short. But even though he was taken away at such a young age, it didn’t mean he could no longer fulfill what’s written on his list.

At the age of 21, Taylor was already an Army veteran. He was also in the final stages of his cadet training under the Colorado State Patrol.

One day, he was assigned on Colorado Highway 66 near Weld County. Suddenly, he was warned about an incoming high-speed police chase. In an effort to stop the culprit, his team deployed some stop sticks.

But when the culprit arrived in the scene, he missed the tire deflation device the team had set up, causing him to crash into Taylor and his buddy, Rushing. While Rushing acquired some serious injuries, Taylor died on the spot.

Prior to the incident, a tow truck driver was warned by Taylor and asked him to get out of the way. Turned out, it was a warning that would save his life. If it weren’t for Taylor, the man could have died.

When told about what happened to his son, his mother was in grief. To comfort herself, she sent messages to Taylor’s phone number. But in a sudden twist of fate, she received a response.

Watch the video below to know what it was. Prepare to feel your tears welling up in your eyes.

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