Russian Surgeon Fired After Punching a Patient, Who Later Died


Russian doctor kills a patient with one brutal punch. The man instantly died because of brain and skull trauma after the back of his head hit the solid pavement.

The video, which was taken in Belgorod, Russia, was continuously televised and was later uploaded on YouTube, where it went viral. With many people hearing the news about the shocking event, the doctor was given the nickname “boxer doctor”.

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The video starts when the doctor, Ilya Zelendinov, enters the room to confront the shirtless patient identified as Yevgeny Bakhtin. Reports say that earlier that day, Yevgeny kicked one of the nurses during an operation. To teach him a lesson, the surgeon faces Zelendinov and violently drags him to another room.

One of the people accompanying Yevgeny tried to stop the doctor, which resulted in a scuffle. Yevgeny returned to the room and was punched by an enraged Zelendinov. Yevgeny fell to the ground in an instant, unable to move.

Zelendinov turned his sight to the other man, and another brawl erupted. A few minutes later, the nurses noticed that Yevgeny was motionless and tried to revive him.



The nurses called the attention of the doctor, and together, they desperately tried to resuscitate Yevgeny. However, the impact on the back of Yevgeny’s head was so strong that it resulted in his immediate death.

Yevgeny was fired but remained a free man since he participated in the investigation willingly by signing a declaration that prohibited him from traveling.

Some people were very critical about the way things turned out since there have been attempts in covering up controversies in state medicine. Some even suspect that the incident would have never even been reported if it weren’t for the CCTV footage going viral.

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