Married Teacher Faces Jail Time for Sending Nude Photo and Lewd Texts to Student


A substitute teacher in Anna High School, Ohio, had been charged with contributing to the unruliness of a minor after sending partially nude photos and inappropriately texting the male student.

The photo in question shows a scantily clad Mary Breth in just her underwear with arms covering her breasts.

She is charged with first-degree misdemeanor, which includes a 180-day jail time.

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Breth, 25, was married to her husband by the time she started communicating with the boy. The message exchange started in 2013 and developed into a more sexual nature by 2015.


She admitted to police that the photo was sent last November 2015.  Her confession came after the Shelby County Sheriff’s office received calls concerning the case in early January. She and the male student were later identified by police.

Breth had since been cooperative with authorities when she was brought into custody. According to Chef Deputy Jim Frye in an interview with Daily News,despite the evidenced being deleted, Breth would still be charged after confessing to the crime.


Breth is pictured above with her husband. She has been suspended from her job on the accounts she’s committed against the student.


Authorities in the school district have also taken measures in cutting communication between Breth and the male student, who has not been identified.

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