Teen Jumps Off a Building After She Learns Her Boyfriend Is Actually a Married Man


Love can only do you two things: turn your frowns into smiles or turn your laughters into cries. That is exactly why there has been an increase in suicide cases caused by some love issues. A lot of people have been putting their lives at risk, some ending them, all because of love. And this story is just like them, about someone who’s gone to the extremes out of love.

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When an unnamed teenager in China found out that her boyfriend wasn’t her ideal single and loving partner, she had the urge to end her life by jumping from the third floor of their apartment building.


She found out that her lover was actually a married man and that he also had children as well. The teenager was so heartbroken, it seemed to her that the only solution to end the pain was killing herself.


Rescuers and firefighters then came to the rescue and they tried to calm her down. A heroic firefighter managed to get as close as possible to the young lady and talked to her and convinced her not to jump. But the firefighter failed, and she ended up plummeting to the ground.


Fortunately, firefighters were able to set up a giant cushion to catch the teenager, saving her from sure death.

Dealing with the teenager was quite hard for the rescuers, but they were thankful that her attempt to end her suffering didn’t lead to any greater problem, or else, her family, who truly loved her, would be the ones crying.

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