Teen Meets Untimely Death After Trying to Take a Selfie Atop a 30ft Railway Bridge


Seventeen-year-old girl falls to her death after attempting to take a selfie on top of a railway bridge in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Xenia Ignatyeva tried to save herself by grabbing anything to stop her descent. Unfortunately, the thing she snagged was a live wire that electrified her with 1,500 volts before plunging to her imminent demise.

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 Xenia’s passion is photography, and she even bought her own camera after doing a summer job. Sadly, her dreams will never come true as she meets her untimely death after risking her own life for a perilous photograph.

Most people who take these hazardous shots are teens or just general adrenaline junkies.


The police received an unidentified call, which reported children playing around the bridge, which gives rise to the possibility that Xenia might have been alive for a short time after her devastating fall.


Xenia’s friend,  Pal Oksana Zhankova, was stunned when she saw Xenia hit the ground.


The growing trend of taking dangerous selfies for social media recognition has gained the attention of teenagers. Although the outcome can obviously cause serious injury and even death from taking risky photos, youngsters are still challenging each other on who can take the most life-threatening selfies.

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