Chinese Teen Undergoes Extreme Plastic Surgeries Just to Get Ex-Boyfriend Back


It is believed that Lee Hee Danae transformed herself into a living doll to win back the heart of her ex-boyfriend. Now people are even calling her the Snake Princess because of her pale skin.

Plastic surgeries such as rhinoplasty and double eyelid are becoming more popular in China. Since the Chinese consider a V-shaped face as a sign of beauty, more and more women are undergoing surgeries to give emphasis on their jawline.

Some also spend money on facial contouring to have a narrow face with pointed chins and wide eyes. Facial contouring is a highly invasive procedure that involves changing the shape of the face by shaving off a portion of the bone from the chin, jaw, and cheeks.

Double jaw-realignment surgery is another procedure women endure to have the face they deem perfect.

The number of Chinese women going under the knife just to look more beautiful is increasing. In 2014, groups of Chinese women flew to South Korea just to have plastic surgeries.

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