The Shocking Vision of Mom’s Own Death …See How This Saved Her!

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Childbirth is a miracle in itself. From cradling a child for the first time after a long and hard labor to bringing them home and guiding them through their journey of life.  Stephanie Arnold came mentally and physically prepared to do all that, but she couldn’t shake off the vision of something going wrong during the birth of her son. Little did she know, it was the one thing that saved her life.

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It could have been a moment of pure bliss for Stephanie, but it turned out to be a nightmare when she momentarily lost her life in the operation room.

Stephanie had what she called “six very detailed visions of dying” on her due date. Her premonitions were so convincing that she had to inform her husband about them. The family decided to take necessary precautions and have Stephanie go for medical checkups, but the doctors said she was clear of all probable complications.


However, even after seeing her doctor, Stephanie was still convinced of her impending demise. But her family advised her that it was all just symptoms that came with her pregnancy. They pointed that heightened emotions were due to the hormones that peaked during this period.


Unfortunately, Stephanie was right. The premonitions came true when she gave birth. She was able to deliver her son through C-section, the same procedure she underwent during the birth of her first child. But this time, Stephanie’s heart stopped, evidenced by the flatline in the cardiac monitor.


The medical team came prepared because of Stephanie’s warnings that came beforehand. One of the nurses left a note in her chart to ensure the availability of extra blood. Thanks to this small miracle and Stephanie’s open mindedness, her life was saved.

It was noted that Stephanie had been dead for a total of 37 seconds before the doctors were able to revive her. She had suffered a rare condition called a0mniotic fluid embolism, which has no known prevention. This can cause sudden cardiac rest and blood clot. She was placed in a medically induced coma but woke up without any severe complications.


Stephanie has a renewed outlook in life since the event. She places her firsthand experience in paper by publishing a novel titled 37 Seconds: Dying Revealed Heaven’s Help – A Mother’s Journey. She credits her second chance in life to her premonitions. Stephanie still clearly remembers the day she died in the hospital, and she continues to regard that experience as a miracle.


Stephanie encourages mothers like her to speak up if they feel like something can go wrong. Not only can they save their own lives, but they can also continue to be there for their loved ones. Stephanie says that she experienced two miracles that day: one would be the birth of her son and second, her own rebirth.

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