Theme Park Accidents That Will Strike You with Horror


Having fun is always a good thing. When we’re having the time of our life, we forget about everything around us, and time flies so fast. It helps is forget all our problems. However, there are times when tragedy sneaks up behind us when we least expect it.

Below are a couple of pictures, depicting some horrible theme park accidents and proving that even during our happiest times, the worst can still happen.

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What Goes Up Must Come Down

A picture of man can be seen falling from his seat as the ride ascends. Gravity certainly took its toll on this man’s life.

The Cosmonauts

3These people certainly know what it feels like to be “hung by a thread.” They were left dangling for dear life after the ride malfunctioned. Fortunately, they were rescued, and none of the passengers were injured.

Dusts in the Wind


We are just like dusts in the wind because from a distance, we are merely a speck as we fall to the ground.

Swing Swing

Swings are fun. Most of us enjoyed it as a kid. However, the person who got thrown to the ground soon realized otherwise.

Off Track

Theme park rides are pretty scary. What’s even more scary? When they go off track and send you, along with the cart, plummeting to the ground.

Life is too short so we have to make the most out of every second we got, but we must not forget that whatever we do, out safety shall always be our number one priority.

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