Shocking Footage – Thief Loses One Arm After Victim Gets Back at Him


In New York City, a terrifying robbery was caught on camera. A teenager tried to intimidate his victim by pointing a gun at the guy and stole a pair of shoes.

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The amazing part was that the victim didn’t cave in. He got even by ramming his car into the fence crushing the teen robber.


Based on the report from the New York Post, the robbe, Zachary Sam, 17, agreed to buy a pair of Air Jordan 8 Retro sneakers for $190 from Philippe Pierre, 39. They decided to meet in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Canarsie.


However, when they were about to close the deal, Pierre allegedly asked for $490 to which Sam replied by brandishing his gun and demanded to have the shoes for free instead.


As seen on the CCTV footage of the incident, Pierre let Sam take the sneakers and walk away, while he drove off only to make a U-turn and drove after Sam and rammed him against the fence.

Sam survived the attack but was disarmed—literally. He tried to escape the scene, leaving the sneakers, his gun, and his arm behind.


An eyewitness told the New York Daily News that people were shouting for Sam to come back for his arm, worried that he would bleed out.

Sam, covered with blood, tried to board a public bus, but the driver declined, leaving him no choice but to run. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it home as he collapsed on the street.


The teenager was brought to the hospital in a severe but stable condition. The surgeons spent hours reattaching the part of his arm.

Pierre was accused of second-degree attempted murder while Sam was reportedly charged with robbery and illegal possession of firearm.

In an interview with ABC7, Pierre’s relative defended him, saying Pierre was just trying to delay the teenager until the police arrived.

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