This Audio of the Last Few Seconds Before a Fatal Plane Crash Is Haunting


While many of travelers now would say that flying could be the safest means of transportation, some people are still in constant fear of a possible plane crash. It is because if you’re riding on a plane, one glitch in the engine can cause a fatal tragedy. Same was the case of the Western Airlines Flight 2605 in Benito Juarez International Airport, Mexico City, in 1979. This infamous event is probably the perfect proof of how dangerous even the smallest of all mistakes can be.

Things went out of hand when the pilots mistakenly made the plane land on a closed runway. The pilots realized what they did was wrong, but it was too late to change the course.

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Only 16 people out of the 88 passengers were able to survive the accident. One person on the runway also met an untimely death.

The incident was considered as “Non-compliance with the meteorological minima for the approach procedure, as cleared; failure to comply with the aircraft’s operating procedures during the approach phase, and landing on a runway closed to traffic.”

It’s normal to commit mistakes, but if we’re talking about an error that cost so many lives, then it’s a totally different story.

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