This Inca Girl Has Been Deceased Over 5 Centuries?


When you hear the word “mummy,” you’d probably think about grotesque corpses of bones and rotting flesh. That is expected since as far as common knowledge is concerned, mummies are corpses of those who have long passed away.

However, you’ll be shocked to know that there is a mummy out there that still looks like an alive human being.

The Mummy, Juanita La Doncella


In Salta, Argentina, Juanita La Doncella can be found literally frozen in time at the High Country Archaeological Museum.

The Maiden


Juanita was found in Argentina’s Llullaillaco Volcano, which has a height of 22,100 feet, along with two other Incan children. She was named The Maiden or Juanita La Doncella by the people who discovered her remains.

Human Ritual Sacrifice

Juanita passed away more than 500 years ago in a ritual sacrifice performed in the Andes Mountains. She was a teenager when she died.

How They Died


It is believed that the teenage girl, along with the other children, were used as offering to the gods on a mountaintop. This is all according to the archaeologists who discovered the mummified corpses in Argentina in 1999.

Well Preserved

Johan Reinhard, National Geographic’s explorer-in-residence, dubbed her as the “best preserved of any mummy.”

Her Diet

According to scientists, her organs were very well preserved that she appeared like she died only a few weeks ago. With her organs being intact, it was discovered that before she and the other children were killed, they were fattened by the perpetrators who were Incan. These children ate animal proteins and maize before the sacrifice took place.

Hair Testing Samples


It is also theorized that before she was left to die on the mountains, she was drugged. This was proven by the results of the analyses on her hair samples.

Fed Coca Leaves

The children were fed coca leaves by Incan high priests to help them breathe under the harsh conditions of the mountaintops. It allowed them to reach the burial site alive where they were sacrificed.

Small Maiden’s Sandals


The children were all dressed for the occasion, wearing vivid clothing, and adorned with cords, bone, and metal. At the site, more than a hundred valuable accessories were found buried with them.

Why Children?

Due to their nobility and beauty, children were ultimately chosen as sacrifices. They were thought to be the purest out of all creation.

Although the mummy does look fascinating, it still hides a cringe-worthy story of human sacrifices. Juanita La Doncella is the proof to the morbid and macabre nature of humans.

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