Toddler Falling Out from a Moving Van in the Middle of a Busy Highway – Scary Video


Panic ensues when a toddler suddenly fell out of a moving van in the middle of a busy highway.

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The scary video was captured by the dashboard camera of the van running behind the couple’scar. According to WereBlog, the incident happened near Wujian, Jiangsu province in China.

In the video, the poor kid falls out of the van after the back door suddenly opens. The driver of the van, who was unaware of what is happening, quickly drives off as the traffic light turns green. The little child tries to chase the van, but it is impossible for him to catch up.


That’s when Du Xiuli, the woman who was in the car behind, sprung into action and took the 2-year-old boy to safety. Thanks to her, the child was returned to his grandfather, Yang Defu, unharmed. The shocked grandfather admitted that the back door has been damaged before.


Du Xiuli was recognized for her heroic act, but despite the praises she received, she keeps humble by saying, “It is what any mother would do.”

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