Two Women Got into a Crazy Brawl Outside Kebab Shop!


A shocking video surfaced, showing a half-naked woman beating a blonde lady outside a kebab store.

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The video, which is taken in Abeerdeen City, Scotland, starts with the two women scrambling on the ground. Both ladies are exchanging punches and kicks.

The blonde hauls the brunette’s white dress, revealing her bra. Passersby manage to separate the two feisty ladies. However, the brunette is not backing down, and she launches at her adversary, exposing her bare bottom.



Reports say that the event happened last December 27. A woman, who seems to be the brunette, said in a Facebook post, “Wow yes the video is going round on Facebook you don’t need to tag me I’ve seen it. I shouldn’t have went commando. I don’t care anyway so f*** off this video also wasn’t last night but a week before new years [sic].”

As of this writing, the reason behind the brawl remains unknown.

Watch the video below

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