See How UFO Experts React When Presented with Fake Photos of UFO Sightings


For UFO enthusiasts, the odd lights that appeared over London are definite proof of alien existence. They’ll also be delighted to know that professional UFO investigators have claimed that to be true. But some things aren’t always as they seem.

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According to Scott C. Waring and Tony Topping, the bright lights that appeared over Canary Wharf and the Tower Bridge in London were actually extraterrestrial. Both photographs were taken last March and submitted to them by


Waring and Topping were quick to declare them to be real. But in an ironic turn of events, these so-called anomalies were just photos of planes from London City Airport. Nonetheless, the UFO investigators had called them proof of another life form.


It was strange of them to draw those types of conclusions so quickly, considering the photos merely show a single bead of light in the sky. The objective behind the Web site’s consultation with two people who claim to be UFO experts was to check the basis and credibility of their own research.

On the other hand, two other researchers had said otherwise, concluding that the photographs were not fake but definitely not UFOs.


Verdict made by Scott C. Waring

“It’s not a helicopter and it is not a plane. It is not a drone, because it is much too big, it looks car sized. It does look like it is two separate glowing objects that are flying together. When I put them in negatives format, I can see it has no other structure but the glowing light around it. No drone can do that. This has a high probability of being a UFO. London is a city that has preserved hundreds of years of architectural marvels. The beauty of those old structures could easily draw the attention of aliens. They seem to be highly interested in learning about human history.”


Mr. Waring is a US ex-pat living in Taiwan. He is the editor of the popular Web site, where he posts “proofs” of extraterrestrials ranging from Area 51 to faces in Mars.

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