Unbelievable Plastic Surgery Stories Around the Web


Plastic surgeries are not just about face lifts and breast implants. It has changed so greatly that it has surpassed people’s imaginations, making even the impossible to become possible. Although these surgeries don’t come cheap, many individuals from all over the world still spend money on them just to look great or to imitate their favorite personalities.

Below are just 10 of the most unbelievable plastic surgery stories we’ve gathered around the web:

10. Grandma Wants Plastic Surgery to Look Older


When people hit their thirties, signs of aging begin to show up and these include wrinkles, grey hair, cellulite and saggy bottoms. But, for grandmother Anne Bolton, these predictable signs of aging never happened to her and she wished they would.

According to Anne, her youthful appearance has ruined her life, particularly her marriage and two long-term relationships. Men started cheating on her and her friends abandoned her because she makes them look so much older. So, she thought of going through cosmetic surgery to make her appear older.

9. A Man Spent $5,000 to Look Like Ryan Gosling


An aspiring actor from New Jersey spent $5,000 just to look like Canadian actor Ryan Gosling. After a two-hour surgery, Nicholas thinks he looks more like Gosling.

According to his plastic surgeon, Dr. Tim Neavin, Nicholas does have some similarities to the Drive star, but he still needs to focus and improve other features.

8. A Chinese Girl Underwent Cosmetic Surgery to Look Like Jessica Alba


In 2010, Xiaoqing and her boyfriend broke up. The reason was her boyfriend’s strange obsession with Jessica Alba. He made Xiaoqing wear a blond wig and imitate the American actress’ makeup. After the break up, she decided to have cosmetic surgery to look like Alba. This way, she will win her boyfriend back.

When Alba heard about this, she told a US newspaper, “I think you should never have to change yourself like that. If somebody loves you, they’ll love you no matter what”.

In response to this, Xiaoqing said, “I think it’s great that Jessica is so concerned about me. Her words also played an important role in my decision”.

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