Voice Behind ‘Spongebob’ Character Squidward Apprehended for Alleged DUI


Here’s a news that might ruin everyone’s childhood. Do you remember grumpy ‘ol Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants? Well, his voice actor was apparently arrested for drunk driving.

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According to TMZ, voice-over actor Rodger Bumpass was apprehended by the police in Burbank, California, on January 15, 2016.


Bumpass was riding on his PT Cruiser when he was cornered by authorities. He allegedly tried to walk away, but because he was intoxicated, he lost his balance and nearly fell.


When the police caught up with him, they performed a field sobriety test, which Rodger failed. The alcohol level on his blood was very high, more than twice the legal limit. Bumpass confessed that it was not actually his first time to drive intoxicated.


But the ending wasn’t so bad for the Nickelodeon voice actor as he wasn’t held up for any serious charges since he wasn’t involved in any accident. He did spend a night in jail but was released the next morning after posting a $15,000 bail.

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